Engineering & simulation

CE Masters combines fundamental mechanical engineering knowledge with advanced simulation expertise. By performing simulations as early as possible in the engineering process, we can explore and optimize many concepts. These multiple and very short design loops result in early insight in product behavior. With this integration we are able to develop better products at lower costs with reduced time to market.

Engineering Capabilities

Mechanical engineering at CE Masters brings together two simple elements: talented and experienced individuals constantly inspired to understand the function of products, and the fundamental knowledge of mechanical systems. With this combination we are able to translate your commercial, functional and design specifications into successful products.

Our skilled project managers will pull the development from concept, through basic design to detailed engineering, safeguarding functionality, performance, quality, reliability and manufacturability of your product.

Simulation Capabilities

Modern simulation tools enables understanding, prediction, and improvement of product performance digitally. More design variations can be explored in shorter time. The increased insight reduces downstream cost for expensive physical prototypes and increases better performing products.

CE Masters supports many aspects in the field of simulation, starting from basic linear FEM analyses to more advanced non-linear and dynamic FEM analyses. For kinematics and motion studies we can support with multi-body dynamic analyses.


CE Masters is now operating under the Pezy Group brand. For more information visit

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