Problem Solving & Concept Development

A creative boost? Out-of-the-box ideas? The ‘Problem Solving Team’ of CE Masters is specialized in generating breakthrough solutions, making use of various creativity methods. Our specialists have a track record in contributing to patents.


  • Creative sessions Your team might be working on a problem quite some time. It might be worthwhile to involve an external team. Goal: Generate some fresh ideas!
  • Creative phaseSolving a challenging issue is seldom achieved in a single brainstorm session. The best approach is often a phase in which creative sessions, research, design and testing actvities are combined.
  • Patent services CE Masters offers various patent-related services. We use patents in our creative phases to get inspired and generate ideas, but we can also evade existing patents. Furthermore our specialists can support you with interpreting an existing patent or with with filing a new patent.

Creativity methods
The team makes use of various creativity methods, like TRIZ, ASIT, morphological overviews and various principles from Root Cause Analysis. Furthermore the team developed the "Field-Of-View Model ®”. For an impression, see our promotion movie:

Know more?
Would you like to know if the concept development specialists of CE Masters can be of added value to your project, please fee free to contact us.


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